Ten Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail Too Early

 Welcome To Blogger Uche , In this article we’ll be seeing top 10 reasons why most startups fail , the hows , the whys , and how to overcome them .

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The most common challenging factor for upcoming bloggers today is lack of progress , when this people tend to compare themselves to other bloggers , when they connect to other bloggers and the see the advancement they are making and they can’t say the same about themselves they are likely to loose focus and grumble which leads these bloggers to shut the doors of their potentials of making growth with the blog to deciding to sell it off. These People fail to understand that blogging takes a diligent process and is not for the weak , lol ðŸ˜‚🤌, Actually blogging can go smooth for almost anyone but the commitment is what really keep the blog going . when they see how their revenue margin is they tend to quit because they have seen blogging as something that will not favour them. It’s Most Likely that these people would switch to YouTubing then later to social media influencing after all these they’ll eventually return to blogging again to loop it all over.


Blogging is a wonderful job , hobby or source of income yet it could frustrate the life out of you. If you do not conduct a deep research on the areas you can delve into you might crash , end up re-targeting what you already have set up and lastly you may end up getting frustrated. when starting a new blog it can take more from you than what it gives you initially so read on let’s understand the factors that affect upcoming bloggers , there is an adage that says before a solution comes the understanding of the problem.

In this article, I will share the common problems that could make your blogging journey frustrating and also give you tips on how to overcome them.I will equip you with the knowledge you need to know in your quest and search for a fertile blogging pasture. Once Again , thank you for visiting bloggeruche.com , you can never go wrong with the tips shared here ðŸ™‚.

Top Ten Factor That Affect Upcoming Bloggers

1. High Expectations

Without A Very clear guide you could be misled into thinking that blogging is very smooth , when you see ‘bloggers’ with flashy cars are beautiful houses you are sold out into high yield expectations for your own blog , this bloggers sell it to you just because it’s their ‘success story’ and of course you buy it word for word . blogging isn’t a smooth ride ,it’s very stressing and the tips I have written would guide you through, also read some articles shared daily on bloggeruche.com to be more enlightened!

Tips: Follow the tips shared here ðŸ˜‚

2. Low traffic

Starting A blog is as easy as buying a product on Amazon , you just hop on my guide about starting a blog and surely you are on the right track. But what bloggers fail to consider is their source of traffic which is quite infuriating not to have a tangible traffic count after 1 month of blogging.Sadly, this is the case with several bloggers.

This is a factor that makes bloggers quit too early , after so much trials they just resort to giving up and call their efforts a waste of time. Blogging is people centric just like every other businesses you need visitors & readers to keep your blog alive else you will get bored and chances of generating income would be dim.

The Kind of traffic you pull determines how rated your blog would be & how much money you could make from your blog , so this is one reason bloggers fail too early in less than 3 months !

Tip: How Do You Generate Traffic ? Join forums and share your contents links , this helps you build backlinks and still drives in visitors and help you rank .

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3. Search Engine Ranking

Another factor that could affect your blogging prowess and make blogging very boring for you is when your blog & blog’s content do not rank on search engines. Google, the world largest search engine controls about 70% of all searches done on the internet.

As such, every blogger wants to rank well on Google. Regardless of the most , not all contents rank well on google .So let me give you a metaphor , writing on a keyword topic such as ‘Bill Gates Biography’ when they are likely over 50,000 articles written on that keyword , it’s quite impossible to rank with a new blog such as yours because their are over thousands of blogs which are even top tier blogs that couldn’t find themselves Ranking on first page so it’s quites likely that you would not be able to rank on certain keywords not even on the fifteenth page !

Tip: Optimize your contents based on thorough keyword researches using tools like semrush, Azad SEO for a WordPress blog and lots more , your topic matters . build your inline search engine optimization.

4. Ranking On A Keyword People Don’t Search For

Funny How this sounds but you are most likely to experience it on your blogging journey , I’ve written an article and searched the keyword lo and behold I saw it on the top spot front page of Google but there is one factor I noticed later , no one searched that topic not even a bot ! lmao ðŸ˜‚ my SEO score was in perfect other, my written content was incomparable and unique yet the keyword receives not even a single view in 5 months ðŸ˜“ I was frustrated with it that I had to delete it from my blog .

Same incident occured when I was gossip blogging , it was a boring experience until I discovered I was ranking number 1 for a particular keyword by the time I discovered that my post ranked Number 1 for that keyword, I was excited. I thought i was going to compete with top bloggers like me . I thought I had all I needed to make thousands to millions of dollars in blogging but little did I know that blogging is a vision & tough journey and require strong people to cope through the storms and dry deserts lol ðŸ˜‚.

Tip: Regardless of the most , I’ll recommend you still work very well on your SEO & keywording ! It’s something you shouldn’t disregard ! Use tools like semrush & AIOseo plugin if you are using WordPress . Then reach out to bloggers on your same niche and ask for Backlinks Exchange . Having backlinks from a high ranking blog can help your domain ranking and authority . So my tip on this is to build valuable backlinks!

5. Blogging for third world country audience

What is a third world country? these are countries regarded as developing or undeveloped countries as regards technological , educational, medical advancements and other factors .

When your blog contents are targeted to this countries you end up earning less than people who blog for first world countries like the United States , China and other developed countries . Let’s imagine this scenario In a case where your blog is targeted to USA and you receive 100 visitors traffic a day & you earn about $5,000 a month compared to someone whose blog targets a developing country like Nigeria and receives 30,000 visitors a day could end up earning less than $5,000 a month very unlikely but possible! looking at this , you’ll understand the revenue difference of the both blogs.

In blogging, the geographic location of your blog visitors matters a lot. Traffic from countries like England, USA, France, Russia, Germany, China etc. pay more than from Nigeria, Ghana, Haiti and other developing countries. Thus, if you decide to run a blog that majority of your traffic comes from these regions .

Tip: To maximize your income when targeting third world countries you should increase your monetization sources by using ad platforms likes of Adsense , Propeller Ads , Adsterra, MonetizeMore , Jubna and lots others . create more ad spots all over your website but not too ridiculous to chase your visitors away , just place the ads on places that sells & generate more income.

6. When AdSense does not approve your site

Most bloggers always resort to Google adsense as their first option on monetizing their blogs , Unfortunately, getting adsense approval isn’t an easy task , as you have to pass through a lot of hurdles just to get a message starting with ‘we’ve reviewed your application, unfortunately…’ ðŸ˜‚ a very disheartening & frustrating message . It’s very heart breaking to receive tons of web traffic but you can’t make money out of it! especially when you are not running a Non-profit organization ðŸ˜‚😂💔 Your visitors will troop to your blog and in like manner, they will troop out of your blog as well.

Tip: Take time to follow Google’s guidelines and adhere to it and hope to get adsense approval. You can read how to get approval here and also reach out to us for a private guide.

7. More input with less output

The blogging journey could be very tiring. With the daily creation of new blogs and high rate of competition on almost every possible blogging niche. Being a blogger , you need to put in all your full attention and time.

If you do not put in your time to blogging, those who put in their time will snatch away traffic from you without mercy. Many of us have had several sleepless nights, others have spent so much money to hire the services of so many content creators , while some of us has paid bloggers to write contents daily while we pay them monthly yet no revenue generated from the blog .

Unfortunately, many blogs may never be as profitable as the owners want. This is most likely the major reasons why many people quit blogging to look for other sources of income. If your blogs takes more than it gives you, then that will not be encouraging. You will surely be tempted to give up. But there is a way out for people with this problem. Consistency is key. You will never start ranking the day you start blogging. With the rate and level of competition across various blogging niches.

Tip: choose a niche and focus on it ! don’t start a blog because someone does it or because of high expectations, do it because you’d love to ! Also make sure you know what blogging entails and be sure to follow a good source Read Here!

8. Much traffic with less revenue

One problem bloggers face today is low CPM Rate from Adsense! and like the bible says “my people pērîsh for lack of knowledge” , bloggers assume that the only profitable source is google and either end up without adsense approval or getting low CPM Rates . How does this happen ? well I don’t really know but some factors very likely would be google thinking your traffic are bots and not genuine .

This is very horrible when you receive thousands of traffic but you do not earn a dime from it.Tip: stay within your limits ! don’t conspire over Google’s guidelines & policies . maximize your earnings by following Tip. 5 . Then Make More Research Or Search This blog for the topic , I haven’t written on that yet though but it’s likely when you’d be reading this I would have.

9. When you don’t have fund to promote and run ads

To blog successfully, you need funds to promote your blog. There are some themes that are premium. You need some premium plugins. You need premium hosts. You also need to run ads. All these requires money else scaling through would be a very difficult task. There are several plugins and themes that are free, yet getting the premium version will be more advisable for you.

Tip: ðŸ˜ you don’t expect a tip from me for what’s on your pocket right ? LoL ðŸ˜‚👀 I’ll only tell you what not to do! Don’t ever take loans to blog you may be wrong & things may not also go the way you planned , so if you don’t have enough funds , stick to all other tips!

10. Inconsistency

One Factor That has greatly had a bad effect (as always) on upcoming bloggers is inconsistency , something can not live up to its expectations If you don’t build it. If you stop doing it no one will come back on it . constantly update your blog contents for your readers and earn your spot on people’s bookmark!

Tip: just do it!